Excellence; is the Art of matching Investments with viable sustainable Enterprise opportunities.

The TransWind development is a complete solutions package with minimal follow-on costs owning to the fact that the entire unit is pre-assembled and delivered to site ready for installation and operation.  In effect this means that the TransWind is a Plug & Play system for the end user. There are minimal construction, foundation and installation costs, which are normally not shown by manufacturers.  Additionally, maintenance can be carried out by the end user the machine can be brought down to ground level within 15 minutes.  Lubrication and blade cleaning can be undertaken at ground level with virtually no safety risks to staff.  Thereafter, the machine can be brought back into operation within 10-15 minutes, resulting in very substantial ongoing maintenance cost saving over a period of 20-25 years.  All electronic components come pre-installed in the transport unit and only the connection to the grid is required.

– 50% lower material usage for the manufacture of the rotor blades.
– 30% – 40% overall constructions cost reduction in the comparison with conventional turbines.
– substantially higher and more constant energy output per annum (low cut-in and no cut-out wind speeds)
– owing to the wide range of operational areas and applications of the technology, a significant national and international market potential can be realised with the mobile system: Agriculture, Disaster-Crisis areas, Emergency power, Irrigation, Desalination, Water treatment, Large Construction sites, Pipeline construction, Harbour applications, Decontamination requirements and many more.

An example of the TransWind in operation.