” We are the makers of our own state and…individuals who realise the fact need not, ought not, to wait for collective action.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

Why the need for meaningful sustainability?  The current Gas supply shut-down in Europe harks back to the time of the Oil Embargo’s of the early 70’s.  The continued non-sustainable “Business as Usual” model of global Governments ignoring the fragile dependency on non-renewable energy sources is perpetuated to the present day.

Once again, this crisis highlights the fact that Energy security based on finite Fossil Fuel resources can never be achieved.  Over and above this factor, with the population explosion, increasing food and water scarcity, compounded by climatic change caused by industrial and consumer expansion, are adding to the overall global vulnerability regarding resource security.

As Goverments have a vested interest in maintaining the current non-sustainabilty model world-wide, there is an urgent need for the Private Sector to rise to this major challenge and provide the required longterm sustainable solutions for the benefit of all and not just a few dominant resource holders.

History has shown that Governments by default have never been meaningful and sustainable solutions providers.  As a result, it has now become the urgent responsibility of the Private Sector to demonstrate that it can provide lasting sustainable solutions in all areas of resource security.

Having all the necessary capabilities, the Private Sector can finally liberate us from our present resource dependency model and drive the challenge of bringing about the necessary “status quo” paradigm shift required to achieve these objectives.

UREG Investments has already moved into this arena to become an integral part of this challenging scenario, by investing in sustainable companies and technologies, which form an integral part of the global need to achieve sustainable change.

” We are the change, be the change.”  – UREG  Investments

” Just Do It ” – Nike slogan