“There’s a tremendous bias against taking risks. Everyone is trying to optimise the covering of their backs.” Elon Musk, on why the status quo is maintained.

UREG Investments is passionate about enabling and supporting entrepreneurs to succeed in business.  Passion, ethics and professional commitment encapsulate our value system and the way we do business.

UREG Investments’ primary focus is to invest in high-growth sustainable venture opportunities and to maximise returns for shareholders, at the same time providing comprehensive service offerings for all business requirements.  Whether it’s small start-ups or larger companies, UREG Investments  offers the full spectrum of service offerings and support.

Once business fundamentals are in place (finances, strategies, business plans etc), UREG Investments will ensure that the business is visible via appropriate media channels.  For UREG Investments every business is unique and and therefore requires the right platform to reach the target audience/market.  UREG Investments recognises and supports individuality, as there is no ‘One size fits all’ approach for any given enterprise.

Currently the investment portfolio and shareholding of UREG Investments comprises of the following companies:

XTEK Systems SA (Pty) Ltd 49% Shareholding
BioSpace Systems SA (Pty) Ltd 49% Shareholding
INTENS Renewable Solutions (Pty) Ltd 20% Shareholding
TransWind SA (Pty) Ltd 49% Shareholding

XTEK Systems SA is the Licence Holder for the German MEGAPORE® CLC Technology and is currently introducing this leading edge technology into the South African market place.  XTEK Systems will be implementing the Technology on a Franchise basis for the SA marketplace.  UREG Investments Ltd. is fully committed to the advancement of the XTEK technology.



BioSpace Systems SA has developed an Innovative Paradigm Shifting Habitat Concept, aimed at providing a sustainable future and quality life-style for it’s Stakeholders, through the establishment of working BioSpace Micro Eco-Farms, that integrates all the key principles of future-proof Biotecture, as well as VertiGRO vertical gardens organic food crop production, whilst simultaneously creating employment and a revenue stream for the Inhabitants.



The TransWind mobile wind turbine technology was developed in collaboration with Hübner Giessen in Germany.  In 2012 two TransWind 1/5 scale working Models were exhibited at the Husum Wind Trade Fair and received tremendous interest from the industry and public.  The TransWind  development is a complete solutions package with minimal follow-on costs owing to the fact that the entire unit is factory pre-assembled and delivered to site ready for installation and operation.  In effect this mean that the TransWind is a Plug & Play system for the end user.



Due to the unreliability of baseload electricity supply, there has been an increasing need to consider Renewable Energy as an alternative, as well as to effectively manage energy consumption and efficiency.  Through the implementation of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP) in promoting Independent Power Producers (IPP’s), there has been a lucrative market for the implementation of international engineering technologies.  However, the process is very complex depending on the extent of power generation and whether it would be fed into the grid directly or via wheeling.

INTENS Renewable Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a renewable energy engineering company focused on the implementation and execution of renewable energy projects.  We specialize in being our clients ‘owner’s engineer” and facilitate all the stakeholder engagement to ensure that clients follow the right protocol in facilitating and obtaining rights and licenses according to legislature.  Our specialization is strategically focused on feasibility and pre-feasibility studies in the renewable energy sector for:

  • Waste-to-energy,
  • Recycled plastics to fuel,
  • Waste-tyres to energy / fuel
  • biomass-to-energy and/or fuels,
  • biogas to electricity projects

INTENS provides advisory services for the optimal energy management of all energy projects.  Full project management packages in all projects are offered to see the process through from concept and feasibility study phase to execution, implementation and utility management.

Over and above the feasibility of such projects, turnkey solutions are provided through strategic Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) partnerships.  We pride ourselves in the minimisation of industrial and household energy consumption.  This includes conducting an analysis on our clients’ current consumption and recommending cost-saving mechanisms as part of the development strategy.   Should the optimal solution be identified within the clients’ budget, INTENS supplies, installs and commissions the solution.

We live in a day and age where an attitude of zero waste needs to be employed as a daily strive for sustainability.  Each project is dynamic and unique, where INTENS provides customised solutions for each business case.  A socio-economic development strategy is offered in each scenario in order to propose a holistic business case.