“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”   – Albert Einstein

UREG Investments has been inspired and impassioned by the many great minds from the past to the present, who have challenged the status quo. Business as usual is no longer a viable model for future sustainability. The real challenge for businesses today, is to face up squarely to the need for paradigm shifting innovation and novel sustainable business models on an ongoing basis.

Continuous improvement is a core value for UREG Investments and a forward driving factor. Coupled with a future Vision of a balanced world, where business profits and all environmental stakeholders can function in unison and harmony, without causing detrimental impact on either one.

UREG Investments is continuing to demonstrate the viability of these principles by investing in a variety of innovative business Ventures and Entrepreneurs and remains fully committed to supporting sustainable business developments.

Thinking outside the box and enabling viable opportunities, whilst simultaneously ensuring maximised returns for Investors is one of UREG Investments’ mainstays. UREG Investments is actively engaged in providing sustainable solutions to meet present day global challenges head-on, through participation in the ever-growing trend of paradigm shifting, which is gaining traction world-wide.